March 30, 2022

Michigan Union Recieves ACUI Award

ACUI Award

The renovation of the historic Michigan Union was honored with a 2022 ACUI Facility Design Award in the extremely competitive “over $55 million” category, and identified by judges as “a unique balance of preservation, restoration, and modernization.”

The renovation of the historic Michigan Union restored the beauty of the original building while fulfilling student ambitions to reassert the Union’s role as a vibrant social hub and locus of inclusivity, innovation, and involvement. Students advocated for and inspired the project at all phases, from planning and approvals to programming and design. The project's many innovations include a spectacular, glass-covered courtyard for students to gather and celebrate as a community, a coworking-inspired “IdeaHub” to serve over 1,600 student organizations, places for inclusion and care, and expanded lounges for studying while staying connected socially.

Re-opened in 2020 after 20 months, the renovation honors the Michigan Union’s architectural legacy, reaffirms its value as a vibrant social center, and actualizes the University’s commitment to beyond-the-classroom learning and development of the whole student in a diverse campus community. These changes, along with the enthusiasm and devotion that was shown by the students during the renovation process, ensure that the Michigan Union will continue to be cherished and used by many future generations.

Architect-of-Record: Integrated Design Solutions (IDS).                                                Historic Preservation Architect: Hartmann-Cox

To learn more about the Michigan Union, click here.


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