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We have never been happier to get a B.

We started this journey long before we knew about B Corp Certification. Twenty five years ago, we set out to build a business founded on the conviction that our work as architectural, interior, and experience designers must serve the greater purpose of building a welcoming environment and preserving our planet.

As specialist in learning communities and workplaces, we have an opportunity to positively impact how students learn, interact, and evolve into young professionals.

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With the B Corp certification, we’ve finally found a growing group of like-minded people, companies and organizations who understand our time and responsibility on this planet the same way. 

We affirm our commitment and accountability to our values, to the Workshop family, to the many partner firms with whom we have the pleasure of working, and most especially, to our clients for whom we have had the honor of serving.


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Workshop Architects, Inc. and Riverwater Partners hosted a B Local Celebration as a newly-minted B Corporation where we networked, shared ideas, and enthusiasm. As part of the event, we asked those attending to share their thoughts on what it means to be part of a great organization. 

“When you have a chance to start a business from the ground up, why not think about being a B Corp? In our case, we’re thinking about how to move people from potential to possible through education and learning.”


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“We wanted to be part of something new and exciting.”


“It’s not industry specific - big or small - coming together to show a lot of leadership in fighting climate change, advancing social justice, and building stakeholder capitalism.”


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“As a consumer, you want to know that business you're supporting share your values about people and the planet. Knowing B Corp helps discern what kinds of companies you're buying from is a one of a kind.”


“We think it’s important for someone to check that we are doing the things we say we’re doing. The third-party certification process for companies on all aspects of your business is what makes B Corp far and away better than anything else. This is what future business should look like.”


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“What I love about being a B Corp is it cuts out that first line of questions of what’s important to you as a corporation. ”


“Being part of B Corp helps us meet other like-minded companies in our area.”


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“I am excited that Workshop is a B Corp because it aligns with my personal values of sustainability, resilience and healthy communities.”


“What I love about B Corp is that it’s a way to be rather than a thing to achieve. ”


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“Sustainability has become checking boxes versus a way of life. To me, the beauty and challenge of B Corp is that it challenges you to interrogate how you live your life, how you operate a business, how you work with clients and colleagues. ”


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