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University of Wisconsin–Madison
Union South
Madison, Wisconsin

Bridging Campus to the Community

UW-Madison students expect their voice to count. With a unique culture, Madison students did not form one design committee, but fourteen. The intense student and community engagement helped produce a building that speaks fluent Madison, reflecting the core identity of the city and the university. The design demanded an ethnographic approach that respected the complexity of Madison’s culture and celebrated a highly engaged and empowered student body.

The building revenues have increased by a staggering 200% and have maintained that increase since opening. Union South now draws visitors from around the state who travel specifically to vacation in the building. Couples get married on the terrace and in the sun room in front of the fireplace.

Without competing with Memorial Union, Union South has matched its popularity and has quickly become a beloved building, embedded in the identity of the university. It offers a warm, intimate, and densely programmed space that attracts both students and community members to simply enjoy the experience.


Workshop Architects understands the philosophy of a college union – that it’s much more than a collection of wonderfully designed program and service spaces. They go out of their way to truly connect with their clients. Attentive … Responsive … Ideal Partners  – all of these describe the entire team at Workshop Architects. They are uniquely qualified to create the best in union facilities for today and in the future.

Mark Guthier
Union Director at UW-Madison



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