April 26, 2018

Brian Schermer, PhD., Talks Trends in Student Centers with Higher Ed Live


“What are the hot trends and issues in Student Centers today? How do you best blend technology, aesthetics, amenities, and a sense of institutional pride into community spaces that cater to the needs of modern-day students? How can intentional student center design lead to better learning and engagement on campus? What are the biggest challenges facing student center professionals today?”

These are the main questions discussed by the panelists in Higher Ed Live’s Trends in Student Centers webcast on Student Affairs Live. Host Tony Doody of Rutgers University welcomes Brian Schermer, Ph.D., of Workshop Architects and University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Debra Hammond, of California State University, Northridge, Corbin Smyth, of University of Minnesota Duluth, Laurie Woodward, of University of Oregon, and Eve Esch, of University of Houston, to discuss the ever-evolving role of the Student Center in contemporary higher education. The topics include intersectional identities of students; social justice and space needs; co-location of student unions and other facilities, e.g. libraries, recreation; justifying building improvements with student recruitment and retention outcomes; and cultural centers in student unions versus standalone facilities. 

Click here to view the webcast on Higher Ed Live's website. 

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