Robert A. Wild, S.J. Commons
marquette university

Together with partner firm Design Collective out of Baltimore, MD, Workshop is developing a new living/learning community with an elevated focus on student experience. The newest addition to Marquette's residential offerings, Robert A. Wild, S.J. Commons, is designed and programmed to embrace the lifestyle of the modern student while providing a welcoming and comfortable first “home away from home” for Marquette undergrads. Workshop is further inspired by the campus’ greater vision to think differently and make a lasting statement about the quality of residence life at the accomplished Jesuit university.

The project includes two residence hall towers made up of single and double rooms that are part of a grouping, supporting a neighborhood community feel. The two residential towers are joined at its core by a grand dining hall and shared community spaces complete with fireplace lounges, study areas, multi-purpose spaces, a theater stair, and chapel. The building will surround an outdoor courtyard to the south, forming a safe and active space for students to mingle and socialize. The curving glass storefront and 20’+ ceilings within the food hall offer dynamic views to the courtyard.

Scope: Withheld
Total Project Cost: $108,000,000
Project Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Anticipated Completion: Fall 2018
Partner: Design Collective