Highsmith Union
University of North Carolina at Asheville

After completing a Master Plan and Feasibility Study for Highsmith Union, Workshop was commissioned by UNC – Asheville to move forward with Phase 1, featuring a newly constructed Multipurpose Room that will be used for both formal events and informal student life programming. The addition will knit together the adjacent Brown Dining Hall and the existing Highsmith Union, taking advantage of an adjacent catering kitchen and back of house support. The renovated Student Life area will create opportunities for student leadership and involvement at the front door of Highsmith Union, consolidating scattered student organization offices and promoting student involvement spaces such as the Intercultural Center and the Student Government Association. The design reflects the unique character of Asheville and strengthens connections to the campus.

Scope: Master Plan (2015) & Phase 1, 13,400 GSF Renovation & 10,000 GSF Addition
Project Construction Budget: $10,250,000
Project Location: Asheville, North Carolina
Anticipated Completion: June 2018
Partner: Little Diversified Architectural Consulting