Illini Union
University of Illinois at URBANA-CHAMPAIGN

Workshop collaborated with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to create a vision for the iconic Illini Union that reflects the aspirations of a world-class institution, the values and diverse character of the campus community, and leverages the Illini Union’s historical significance, central location, and value as a place that embodies the UIUC experience. The overarching vision that students, faculty, staff, and alumni all share for the Illini Union is that it should be a place that builds community, welcomes people from all walks of life, bridges across boundaries and interests, and remains a point of pride for the campus. For all students, but especially so for UIUC’s large percentage of international students, the Illini Union should be a “Union Without Borders.” The design retains all of the original historic north and south buildings. It replaces the one-story and basement connection between them with a new center infill that includes new student programming venues, dining venues, student involvement hub, and ballroom and meeting space.


Scope: Withheld
Project Budget: Withheld
Project Location: Urbana, Illinois
Completion: May 2017 Planning Only
Partner: Dewberry