Oakland Center Expansion and Renovation
Oakland University

With the student enrollment at Oakland University swelling over 20,000, the physical campus has struggled to keep pace. Nowhere is this more visible than in the current Oakland Center, built in 1957, where many students must sit on the floor during peak hours of the day. It was evident that adding significant lounge space was a priority, along with giving the large commuter population a reason to stay on campus. A destination dining venue and student programming space were added to activate the Oakland Center, forming a strategic link to lower-level student org. areas and doubling as an open collaborative space during the day. The campus had a deficiency of meeting and event space, so our design added a 10,000 SF Ballroom to act as a pre-function area between the new venue and an existing Banquet Room, allowing for synergy during large functions such as Career Fairs. The pre-function looks south over comfortable lounges and a wooded lawn. A final goal of the project was to enhance the image of the University and tell the story of its founding in a choreographed way. With its proximity to Detroit and deep connections to Dodge and Chrysler, the design team worked with a branding consultant to make the Oakland Center a focal point that will connect students to the University’s rich history.

Scope: 67,000 SF Addition 24,000 SF Renovation
Total Project Budget: $47,000,000
Project Location: Rochester, Michigan
Anticipated Completion: Summer 2018
Partner: Integrated Design Solutions