Dr. Rullman Featured on Higher Ed Live Webcast

Recently, Dr. Loren Rullman, lead strategist at Workshop, was invited to participate in an episode of the Student Affairs Live webcast series, part of the Higher Ed Live network, which brings together the brightest minds in the industry to share knowledge and discuss important issues with each other and with viewers. 

This episode, hosted by Tony Doody, Senior Director of Student Engagement at Rutgers University and co-host of the program, brings Dr. Beth McCuskey, Vice Provost for Student Life at Purdue, and Dr. Tim Davis, Executive Director for Resilience & Leadership Development at the University of Virginia, together with Dr. Rullman to discuss the different ways each manage organizational change and planning. 

The four of them addressed questions such as "What are some common barriers and mistakes made in organizational change and planning efforts? Who is best equipped to lead organizational planning?  Where can we look to internally and externally for assistance and guidance?"

Check out the video (click the graphic) to gain insight from this discussion and learn which of these valuable concepts could be relevant to your organization.