Michigan UNION

The historic Michigan Union is one of the most beloved and symbolically important places on the University of Michigan campus. Over the decades, however, physical and functional changes have tended to suppress and supplant some of the more socially oriented spaces. Student organization space, now relegated to the fourth floor, is far from the social activity spaces below. And, the commercial spaces along State Street and within walking distance present competitive alternatives for coffee and food that would otherwise draw student traffic to the Union. Workshop Architects is currently working in concert with Integrated Design Solutions, of Troy, Michigan, and historic preservation experts Hartman-Cox, of Washington, DC, to develop a vision that rethinks the fundamental role of the Michigan Union while honoring its architectural legacy. This vision asserts the fundamental value of the Michigan Union as a diverse and inclusive social center while promoting a high degree of engagement. A robust combination of participatory social research and collaborative design ensures that a revitalized Michigan Union will continue to be cherished by the Michigan community and be a truly transformative and enriching place for students. 

Concurrently, the design team is focusing on a major infrastructure replacement with consideration for the University’s requirement for energy efficiency. The final program is scheduled for completion in Summer of 2016 with a construction start in 2019. You can learn more about the project and the history of the Michigan Union at their informative Re:Union webpage and follow the project progress here.

Scope: 265,652 GSF
Total Project Budget: $80,000,000
Project Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Anticipated Completion: Spring 2020
Partner: Integrated Design Solutions