K-State Student Union
Kansas State University

K-State is unique for its remarkable sense of community shared among students, faculty, and staff. Wildcats are unequivocally supportive of one another and identify as part of a tight-knit family. This generated a number of design ideas to underscore the notion that the K-State Student Union should truly feel like home. 

Workshop's design inquiry demonstrated that every liability of the current union could be improved upon, and that the K-State Student Union could be transformed into a compelling and economically successful facility, able to meet the current needs of students and the demands of the future. The new building will fit required functions, have better access and views to nearby campus landmarks such as the new welcome center, Bosco Plaza, and the historic Stadium, and have even greater potential to become a true campus icon and home.

Scope: 122,000 SF Renovation
Total Project Budget: $25,000,000
Project Location: Manhattan, Kansas
Completion: Spring 2017
Partner: Bowman, Bowman, Novick Architects, Inc.