GEORGIA tech campus CENTER

With three new buildings, one building renovation, several lightweight tactical structures, and a network of new outdoor pathways and plazas, Georgia Institute of Technology’s new Campus Center project will transform the campus from its symbolic core, Tech Green, and radiate west. In both its vision and execution, the project is as bold and innovative as Georgia Tech itself. 

Workshop was selected, in partnership with Gilbane Building Company, Cooper Carry (architects) of Atlanta, and OLIN (landscape architects) of Philadelphia, after winning the Campus Center Ideas Competition. The winning proposal conceives of the Campus Center as an experiential path that is punctuated by a series of walks, plazas, richly articulated buildings, spatial experiences, and opportunities for social, creative, intellectual, and restorative engagement.

The project is guided by six principles, first articulated in a strategic visioning report by Workshop in collaboration with Georgia Tech. These include creating a place that:
•    Serves the whole Georgia Tech community;
•    Enables students, faculty, and staff to reset, restore and refuel; 
•    Showcases Georgia Tech’s brand and is a catalyst for creative expression; 
•    Encourages people to build friendships and bridge across cultures, disciplines, and interests; 
•    Promotes leadership, involvement, and finding one’s niche; and
•    Activates Tech Green and other outdoor spaces.

The Campus Center project catalyzed a wholly new way of conceptualizing the programming, design, and construction of campus architecture. The "Tech Approach" challenges the assumption that the answer to every campus architecture problem is to build a big box. It poses the intriguing possibility that while some construction should be of institutional quality, many functions of the Campus Center can be accommodated in tactical buildings and a tactical infrastructure that can support spontaneous activities, inspire novel uses, and create settings that take advantage of Atlanta’s climate at its best, and sustainably moderate that weather, when necessary. The Tech Approach also utilizes an innovative "5D" approach to project management as a means to monitor fidelity to program, constructability, schedule, and budget. 

The Campus Center will be a true legacy for Georgia Tech, not just because it will be programmatically inspired, beautifully crafted, sustainable, and delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner. It will also leave a legacy because the process used for its planning, design, and physical realization will have been inspired by Georgia Tech itself.


Scope: 300,000 GSF
Total Project Budget: $100,000,000
Project Location: Atlanta, GA
Anticipated Completion: 2022
Partners: Gilbane Building Company, Cooper Carry, OLIN