Reeve memorial union
University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh

Unique to UW–Oshkosh, the design committee for the Reeve Memorial Union was comprised entirely of students. Students chose every element of the design, indicating a deep trust from the university administration and requiring an intensely interactive design process. The old union was centered with a long, dark, double-loaded corridor. The students wanted something more, and asked for a light-filled, corridor-free space. Workshop listened, and created a union in which circulation occurs naturally through activated spaces and light pours through high, expansive windows. The students at UW–Oshkosh have embraced the union as a central meeting place – a home away from home. Described as comfortable, friendly, experientially rich, and highly tactile, Reeve Union demonstrates how a collaborative process builds more than a building; it strengthens a community.

“In our experience, Workshop Architects are experts at building relationships with students, listening to their concerns as well as the administration, and creating the support needed in the early phases of planning a building project. They are able to provide creative and innovative design in their facilities and have a passion for student union buildings.”

Randy Hedge, Director, Reeve Union/University Dining

Scope: 70,000 SF New Construction 90,000 SF Renovation
Total Project Budget: $21,000,000
Project Location: Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Completion: Summer 2001