NASPA IV-East 2017 Regional conference

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re:Searching Place – How Campuses Impact Students

Higher education literature suggests campus spaces affect what students’ experience. Hear what one university learned from research conducted specifically to understand 1) how students perceive the relationship between renovated residence halls and academic success, personal activities, and intercultural engagement; and 2) what significance students attribute to the student union and the physical campus along four dimensions (social, intellectual, symbolic, restorative).

Ch-ch-ch-changes: Effectively managing transitions

It isn’t the change that will do you in; it’s the transitions - and, they’re not the same thing! Effective change places emphasis on the risky transition period between decision and intended result. This session will describe the three phases of the Bridges Model; illustrate a case study for application; and offer practical tools to use in any organzation.

re:Newing Trust – 
A Multicultural Center Case Study

What began as student demands from #BBUM (Being Black at University of Michigan) became a journey of understanding and progress, culminating in the construction of a new multicultural center opening in 2018. Hear what a team of student affairs leaders, process facilitators, and architects learned about campus climate, student needs, and trustbuilding through pizzas, bus trips, late nights, and dialogue.